Bahrain is keen on providing the best health services for its citizens

Bahrain prioritizes its citizens' well-being with top-notch healthcare services. The Health Supreme Council (SCH), led by Lieutenant General Dr. Sheik Mohammed Al Khalifa, underscores the commitment to provide round-the-clock medical care, including COVID-19 treatments. Cutting-edge facilities, self-management programs, and patient choice initiatives are in line with Bahrain's vision to enhance healthcare standards for the future.

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Keeping in line with the health directive set by its King as well as Crown Prince, Bahrain is all set to provide the best possible health care for its citizens. 


This intent was re-emphasized by Lieutenant General Dr. Sheik Mohammed Al Khalifa, who is the president of the Health Supreme Council (SCH). His comments came on the sidelines of a visit to the Bahrain Bank as part of inspections. He also toured the Kuwait Health Center located in Muharraq. 

The above locations and also the Bumaher center for Health were chosen to offer 24x7 medical services to patients suffering from COVID-19 as well as other ailments. Dr. Sheik Mohammed expressed praise regarding the high standards of the center along with its capabilities as well as state-of-the-art equipment. Dr. Sheikh Mohammed additionally reviewed the self-management program of the primary centers for health which are going through trials to see if they can function optimally. After the trials, these primary health centers will be adopted by all governorates of the kingdom. 

The President of the SCH expressed his keenness regarding the ongoing facelift, informing Muharraq citizens that there was a new program out there that allowed patients to choose their doctor. This comes under the auspices of the ongoing program. These developments are in line with the Bahrain Economic vision of 2030, an ambitious program to further escalate the high standards of its health care systems and ensure that they are sustainable for the long run. 

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