Bahrain and Israel strengthen ties, will have positive impact on the healthcare industry

Bahrain and Israel strengthen ties, paving the way for collaboration in healthcare and boosting the industry. With joint ventures in research, vaccine development, and medical equipment production, both countries are set to benefit. Additionally, easier visa processes and student exchange programs will foster deeper connections.

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According to the Israeli envoy serving in the Kingdom of Bahrain, trade and economic contacts will continue to serve as the central focus of growing bilateral relationships between the two countries. In addition to investments in the financial technology, high technology, oil and gas, and logistics industries, Israel predicts that the healthcare industry will be another strong suit for the country.


"Another significant area in which we will be working together will be healthcare. When it comes to the research and development of vaccines to combat infectious illnesses in the future as well as the production of medications and medical equipment, Israeli medical enterprises will establish joint ventures with firms based in Bahrain".

In the next four years, the volume of commerce that takes place between the two nations is expected to reach many millions of dollars, as stated by Mr. Naéh.

The emphasis will be placed on collaborative research, particularly in the field of medicine, because it will have significant repercussions for business.

The Israeli government will make it easier for visitors, businesspeople, and cultural leaders to get visas, which will provide a much-needed boost to the country's tourism industry in the aftermath of the covid outbreak.

In addition, there will be a large number of student exchange programmes, particularly in the medical field, through which the younger generations of both countries will become familiar with one another in the course of regular encounters.

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