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Improve Your Medical Skills with Online Courses in Azerbaijan Discover over 150 free courses in Azerbaijani, Turkish, and Russian on the OpenWHO Azerbaijan Page. Join 18,000 healthcare professionals who have completed WHO online courses and enhance your knowledge on disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Find out more about the benefits of learning through videos and explore cutting-edge pharmaceuticals and diagnostic techniques. Explore the opportunities today!

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According to the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan, an additional 18,000 Azerbaijani health care professionals have completed WHO online courses.


On the OpenWHO Azerbaijan Page, funded by the EU and WHO as part of the Solidarity for Health Initiative and the COVID-19 Vaccination Support initiatives, there are over 150 free courses available in Azerbaijani, Turkish, and Russian.

Baku's central hospitals in the Ujar and Yevlakh districts, the Republican clinical hospital, and two pediatric polyclinics had the greatest number of students registered in online courses.

Dr. Ziyafat Guliyeva has finished more than eighty courses at pediatric polyclinic No.20. It is advantageous to learn about disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment through the use of videos. Doctor Guliyeva was exposed to a variety of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals and diagnostic techniques.

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