Austria expects the face mask to reappear in the autumn

Austria anticipates the return of face masks in the autumn as the temporary suspension is expected to be lifted. Despite the low infection rates, officials warn that the mandate will likely be reinstated, emphasizing that the pandemic is far from over. The mask-wearing requirement will be paused for three months until the end of August, with plans for its return. The possibility of new variants and a nationwide vaccination mandate are also being considered. Stay informed about the evolving situation in Austria.

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The mask-wearing mandate in Austria has been suspended temporarily, but it is expected to be reinstated after the summer. Sweden's authorities are also bracing for a new outbreak this autumn.


Lower rates of infection in Austria allow officials to relax the mask mandate, but officials warn that it will almost certainly be reinstated.

With current infection rates so low, Austrian Minister Of health Johannes Rauch announced on Monday that mandatory mask wear in essential stores and on public transportation could be lifted.

He did, however, say that the measures would almost certainly be reinstated in the fall, possibly with new variants, implying that this pandemic is far from being over.

Rauch stated at a press conference, "Pausing the mask requirement is now reasonable." The mask requirement will be suspended for 3 months, until August end. The minister, also stated that "the mask will return."

A nationwide vaccination mandate, which had been delayed due to lower infection rates, will be reconsidered after August.

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