Aungnito, an AI-based tool that helps doctors enter patient data faster and keep error-free records

Aungnito: AI-based tool for faster and error-free patient data entry by doctors. Designed by AI scientists and doctors, it supports speech-to-text conversion, customization, and noise suppression. Used by top Indian hospitals and NHS in the UK. Saves doctors 1-2 hours daily.

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According to India's estimated 135 crore population, there is one doctor for every 1,445 patients, below WHO recommendations.


Clinical documentation is important for analytics, billing, medico-legal purposes, insurance, and developing patient care. The Indian healthcare system needs EMRs to support a billion-plus population.

Augnito was founded by Rustom Lawyer, speech-to-text software is cloud-based that converts voice to paper text immediately.

Augnito, developed in India after years of research and co-designed by doctors and AI scientists, comes ready for use with the words of medicine. The Doctors can modify it by synchronizing it with patients, drugs new diseases, and city names.


The company said these features are unique and valuable to doctors working in hospitals and clinics.

Rustom aims to help over 1,000,000 Indian doctors fight "Physician Burnout" (when doctors spend hours entering patient's data during consultation)

As India upgrades its digital systems, doctors will be pressured to keep better records.


Daily time savings for doctors Augnito will make this process efficient, allowing doctors to focus on patients instead of typing. With this AI tool, doctors can save 1-2 hours per day.

AI and technology upgrades allow doctors to set their own speech model based on their medical specialty and spelling preferences.

They can also adjust microphone volumes automatically and suppress background noise. Augnito is used by the NHS in the UK and 24 Indian states.

India's top hospitals use Augnito's data-recording technology. Over 8000 Indian doctors have contactless documentation. This technology allows doctors to work remotely without administrative help, the company said. 

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