ASSE negotiates with laboratories due to a lack of medicines

ASSE negotiates with laboratories to address the shortage of medicines caused by production issues. Find out how ASSE is working towards a solution to ensure medication availability and affordability.

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Leonardo Cipriani, the State Health Services Administration (ASSE) President, said that progress is being made in the negotiation with the laboratories due to the lack of medicines that were generated by production problems.


Cipriani on the problem with drugs: "What the Society of National Laboratories said on Monday is right, these products are in the market, but not in a volume that can meet the demand," Cipriani explained.

"Nor can we allow that to happen to us because we would spend all the budget we have to be able to buy more," added Leonardo Cipriani.

However, he predicted that "we are going to reach a very good agreement since the national laboratories have very good availability, which we appreciate, and they had it from the start to see this problem because this is a problem that affects us all."

He added that ASSE is working together with Police and Military Health, with the management and support of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to ensure both medication and a good price.

If necessary and the Ministry of Public Health considers it appropriate, ASSE will proceed with the importation.

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