A New Lockdown in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Implements New Lockdown to Combat Rising COVID-19 Cases: After weeks of easing restrictions, Azerbaijan has announced a strict lockdown to curtail a surge in new infections. Find out more about the country's efforts to balance reopening the economy and preventing further spread.

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Following weeks of relaxation, Azerbaijan ordered a rigorous lockdown on June 21 to limit a jump in new cases, demonstrating the difficulty of combining the reopening of struggling economies with the possibility of a fresh infection wave.


March 24 was declared a state of emergency in Azerbaijan because of the pandemic. On May 31st, most restrictions were lifted.

Prime Minister Ali Asadov announced on June 21 that Azerbaijanis can now leave home "one at a time for a maximum of two hours after obtaining permission through text message.

Baku and other large towns and provinces have until August 1 to implement the new regulations.


The 21st of June was also designated as a closure date for cultural and educational institutions.

The oil-rich country saw an upsurge in infections in just two weeks.

There have been 12,238 coronavirus infections and 148 deaths in this country of ten million people.

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