A decent health system for all can only be reached by collective work, says Francisco Coma

Discover how Guatemala's Minister of General Health Care and Social Aid, Francisco Coma, emphasizes the importance of collective work in achieving a decent health system for all. Learn about the benefits of learning and improving health together and how international collaboration is crucial for pandemic preparedness and addressing other diseases. Gratitude is expressed towards organizations like WHO and friendly nations for their unwavering support in favor of Guatemalans' healthcare.

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"Humanity has numerous obstacles in terms of health and wellbeing," said Francisco Coma, Guatemala's Minister of General Health care And social Aid. "Gatherings like this deliver the advantages of learning to continually improve health."

Coma urged WHO member states to "work together to increase our pandemic preparedness capacities internationally," as well as "focus efforts on other diseases and a lot of option health to live peacefully and tranquillity," a which was before their speech.

"A decent health system for all can only be reached by collective work," he stated, thanking "WHO, PAHO, and friendly nations for the unwavering support they provide the favor of Guatemalans' healthcare."

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