40 new dengue patients were admitted to various hospitals 

A surge in dengue fever cases: 40 new patients admitted to hospitals, 39 from Dhaka

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The number of cases of dengue fever across the country continued to rise, with an additional 40 individuals to hospitals in the preceding day.


39 of them are residents of Dhaka. 

In a report pertaining to dengue that was released on Sunday night (June 19), the Directorate General of Healthcare Services disclosed the information that was discussed.

According to the study, there are a total of 115 dengue patients around the country receiving treatment at a variety of facilities. This number includes the new 40 patients who have been diagnosed. Only four people are being treated in hospitals located outside of Dhaka, while the remaining 111 patients are being treated within the city of Dhaka itself at a variety of public and private facilities.

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