Zoran Radovanovic flew to Serbia to avoid being sentenced for illegally travelling with Covid-19 from Sydney to Byron Bay

Sydney Millionaire Flees to Serbia to Avoid Sentencing for Covid-19 Travel Violation

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Ten months after flagrantly violating public health orders, the Sydney millionaire who had forced a Byron Bay lockdown during the Covid pandemic is still on the run.


Zoran Radovanovic took a flight to Serbia before being sentenced after allegedly driving his two teenage children from Sydney to northern Nsw in July last year to check real estate.

Radovanovic is in Serbia, according to his lawyer, taking care of his elderly mother. He will deal with the warrant when he comes back to the country.

The businessman fled the country after an argument with his ex wife, Tania MacDowell, that included an arrest warrant application and a police allegation that he broke her umbrella.

Radovanovic forced 300,000 Northern Rivers residents into isolation for a week by breaking lockdown rules and entering Byron Bay while infected with the coronavirus.

'The client has relocated to Serbia,' Magistrate Michael Barko stated.

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