WHO gives Mauritania cars and medical equipment to the Ministry of Health

Mauritania receives cars and medical equipment from the World Health Organization (WHO) to support its Ministry of Health. The equipment includes endoscopes, respirators, and other accessories aimed at strengthening the technical capabilities of the country's hospitals. This initiative, known as "Surge," is part of WHO's strategy to enhance response capacity during health emergencies. The WHO remains committed to supporting Mauritania and its healthcare programs, ensuring better management of severe cases, including COVID-19.

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Mauritania gives over eight cars and several pieces of medical equipment to the Ministry of Health. The World Health Organization (WHO) will not relinquish its support for Mauritania, which the organization will demonstrate by continuing to provide financing from its partners. This past Monday, May 30, 2022, the country's representative handed over a shipment of rolling and medical equipment to the country's Ministry of Health. Prof. Charlotte Faty Ndiaye, the WHO Representative, and Dr. Med Lemine Med-El Hadj, the Secretary-General of the Mauritanian Ministry of Health participated in the handover ceremony, which took place at the headquarters of the WHO in Nouakchott.


This medical equipment package, which includes endoscopes, respirators, and several other accessories, is a component of the effort to provide assistance to resuscitation centers. The initiative known as "Surge," which aims to increase the utilization of reaction teams in the case of a health emergency, is supported by rolling stock consisting of eight brand new trucks. Because of the financial assistance that was provided by Canada, we were able to make these gifts.

"We hope that the materials we are delivering to you will help strengthen the technical platform of the country's hospitals and allow for better management of severe cases of COVID-19 in Mauritania," said Prof. Charlotte Faty Ndiaye, the WHO Representative in Mauritania. "We are delivering these materials to you because we hope that they will help strengthen the technical platform of the country's hospitals." "As for the eight vehicles for which we are making a symbolic delivery, they are the visible face of the major 'Surge' project that we are starting to implement, and for which Mauritania is one of the five countries selected throughout the WHO African Region," said the Representative. "Surge" refers to the major project that we are beginning to implement, and "Surge" refers to the visible face of the project.

In light of recent health crises, the World Health Organization has developed a new strategy known as Project Surge.


The "Surge" initiative is an innovation that the World Health Organization (WHO) is bringing to the table in order to better help nations who are confronting an increasing number of health crises. About one hundred health incidents are recorded each year in the African Region. These include OUTBREAKS OF COVID-19, viral hemorrhagic fevers such as yellow fever, Ebola virus disease, Marburg virus disease, and most recently monkeypox. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), many health crises may be avoided or brought under control within a reasonable amount of time provided nations have adequate response capacity. The "Surge" effort being carried out by the WHO may be understood in light of this setting.

Mauritania has been chosen as one of five countries in the WHO African Region to participate in the pilot phase of this project, which is slated to take place between the years 2022 and 2026. Its goal is to improve risk communication and community participation, produce high-quality human resources, assist response readiness and coordination, provide operational and logistical support, and support operations.

To refresh your memory, the whole cost of the donated equipment to the Mauritanian Ministry of Health as part of the initiative to assist resuscitation centers for the benefit of hospitals throughout the nation is one million United States dollars. The World Health Organization and Canada have collaborated to get this thing moving. A medication endowment in the midst of the third wave of COVID-19 with a value of $72,328 was created a few months ago.

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Med Lemine Med-El Hadj, in the presence of the Director-General of Public Health, Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Ely Mahmoud, and the Director of Hospital Medicine, Dr. Boubou Camara, expressed their gratitude to WHO and all of its partners after accepting the awards on behalf of the Minister of Health, who was unable to be present. The Minister of Health is Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Ely Mahmoud. "These are strategic and vital instruments," the SG said, while also praising the strong collaboration between WHO and Mauritania. "These are strategic and essential tools," he said.

For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) reaffirms its commitment to constantly help the nation, particularly in the administration of health programs and the response to epidemics.

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