Guatemala is receiving a median of 652 coronavirus infections per day, which is 16 percent more than the peak — the highest monthly average since August 25.

Since the increasing levels, the nation has seen 864,662 illnesses and 18,219 coronavirus-related fatalities.


So far, Guatemala has handed out a minimum of 17,558,698 dosages of COVID vaccination. If each person requires 2 dosages, that would be enough to protect 52.9 percent of the nation’s people.

Guatemala provided a median of 18,990 dosages per day for the last week reviewed. At a certain rate, administering enough dosages for yet another 10% of the populace will take additional 175 days.


As Coronavirus diagnoses expanded over the globe, many authorities acted by school closures, offices, and global crossings in an attempt to deter the disease from spreading faster.

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