According to the most recent Ars and Prefecture data, last week’s number of new positive cases for COVID-19 fell by 28.6 percent. The health authorities made a press release publicizing the past contamination reports.

COVID statistics

From May 23 to 29, 2022, the number of new positive cases discovered in Bermuda decreased by 28.6 percent. It’s 1,550 versus 2,172 the week before. On May 30 and June 1, 710 additional contaminations were detected.

The overall positivity rate is 13.7 percent, down slightly from 15.6 percent in Guadeloupe. The seven-day effective R was 0.78, which is little lower from the previous week’s reading of 0.81 (effective R: zero). The Omicron variant continues to dominate all of the positive findings.

In a crèche in week 21, the first outbreak was announced. This brings the total number of clusters monitored to 6 in Guadeloupe (1 is being investigated and 5 are under control). In the CHUG intensive care unit, one man in his fifties succumbed to the virus.


COVID has infected 176 people, all of which are undergoing treatment. 32 COVID patients are being treated in conventional hospitals (6 at the CHU, 1 at the CHBT). 36 individuals are receiving intensive care treatment, and 7 are in COVID sheaves (6 at the CHU, 1 at the CHBT) and 29 are not in COVID ward. 79 patients are on home oxygen, and have displayed stability in symptoms. 

The vaccination

As of May 24, there had been 375,847 vaccinations administered. In Guadeloupe, wherein the first dose coverage rate is 45.83 percent, the second dose coverage rate is 43.27 percent, and the third dose coverage rate is 24.32 percent. 256 first doses of vaccination were recorded in children aged 5 to 11 years as the preliminary protective measure. 

Recommendations from the prefecture

The Prefecture of Guadeloupe would like to make a few recommendations in the light of the still-vibrant viral circulation:

– Maintain a safe distance and wear a mask, particularly for people who are weak or vulnerable. This advice also applies to everyone who is in an enclosed space with a high population density, such as airports and stadiums, as well as during large gatherings such as outdoor festivals.

-In the event of symptoms that suggest infection, such as a fever or other types of pain, get yourself checked out right away and tested if you are asymptomatic. To safeguard themselves, frail individuals must continue to observe strict protocols.

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