The tally of children with H3N2 in boarding schools in Northern New Juaben North and South districts has increased to 9.

The H3N2 avian or zoonotic disease affects pigs and birds as well as people. It has a gestation time of about two days, and its signs include shivers, fever, muscular pains, sore throat, runny nose, and hacking cough.

Eastern Regional Deputy Director of Public Health, doctor John Ekow Otoo who shared this in a discussion with the GNA said that the crisis was ‘well under control’ and that thankfully, there had been no fatalities.

The disease has been detected in 33 of the Eastern region’s District Health Management Teams (DHMTS), with monitoring and public education on deterrence and manisfestation to notice early indicators for quick treatment commencement.

He stated that the illnesses described were minor to moderate, and all regions were well-equipped and ready to cope with any scenario. He further nudged the public to tell the nearest treatment center when they have any symptoms of headache, feverishness, and flu for speedy treatment to curb the spread.

The official stated, “The H3N2 symptoms were identical to those seen in covid-19. So, we test for both Covid-19 and H3N2 for each suspected case to take a more comprehensive approach to halt the spread of the disease.”

Dr. Otto recommended that individuals avoid crowded places, use hand sanitizer, cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze, wash their hands frequently, drink a lot of water, limit alcohol consumption and ideally utilize tissue papers to prevent infections.

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