COVID-19 instances have increased in the ten South Georgia districts served by the Southern Medical Center in Valdosta, reaching two hundred reported instances per month in April to roughly 600 cases per month today, according to Kristin Patten of the Southern District Hospital in Valdosta.

Since self – development and self tests are not really submitted to the board of health, Patten believes the figures could be significantly higher.

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“Historical terms, COVID appears to follow the crowd, and we will see these surges on periodically,” Patten added.

A similar phenomenon is being observed in North Florida, according to Tanya Tatum, Head of Student Health Care services at South carolina A&M University.

She claims that roughly two out of ten people are confirming positively for the illness every day.

Less extreme COVID mutations in the population, on the other hand, could be a cause in the underreporting of statistics.

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