According to national news channel WAM, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention confirmed four new cases of monkeypox on Wednesday. The discovery comes just 10 days after the UAE announced the first case of the virus in a 29-year-old woman arriving from West Africa, bringing the UAE’s total number of cases to eight.

There was no new information offered on future instances. According to the ministry, the country’s health specialists are taking the required precautions to detect the virus early and supervise patients’ close contact.

Previously, it was declared that anyone who came into contact with sick people would be quarantined for “at least 21 days.” Confirmed victims will be treated in isolation in hospitals until they recover. The UAE government has encouraged citizens to be cautious when traveling or attending important events.

The Ministry of Health noted in a statement that “when compared to COVID-19, monkeypox is frequently a self-limiting viral disease.” It is mostly spread to humans by close contact with an infected person or animal, including bodily fluids and respiratory droplets, or through contact with virus-infected things. 

It can also spread during pregnancy. Countries around the world have improved their ability to detect and respond to such viral diseases. Over 550 documented cases of monkeypox have been reported in 30 countries.

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