Forensic doctor Smith Srisont posted a warning on Facebook on Monday night.

As a forensic specialist and toxicologist, I caution… Ganja users can die unexpectedly from cardiovascular events like myocardial infarction, irregular heartbeats, and stroke, Smith said on Facebook.

Deaths were not due to marijuana allergy or because of overdose, but to side effects.

13 people, ages 17 to 52, have lost their lives because of marijuana side effects, according to Smith. In several situations, individuals had no chronic illnesses, no hazardous substances were identified, and marijuana usage was not excessive.

35 patients from 15 to 53 needed emergency medical attention after using marijuana, he added. In certain cases, individuals developed myocardial infarction and abnormal heartbeats.

Smith learned about similar occurrences in Thailand.

“The check-up doctor told me. He’d never tried marijuana. He tried it only once and was transported to Police Hospital with chest trouble. Smith said he was saved from myocardial infarction.

Another study indicated that marijuana increased the risk of myocardial infarction by 4.8 times. He said 4,000 cases were studied but gave no specifics.

Smith noted that after the US decriminalized marijuana, myocardial infarction rates rose.

He asked the Public Healthcare Ministry to issue warnings about marijuana’s fatal adverse effects and recommended people contact doctors if they suffer specific illnesses.

The specialist also urged the govt to punish various shops that utilize marijuana without notifying customers.

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