Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo doubts Ivy League vaccinations.

You’d think Florida’s top doctor would promote immunizations. Ladapo’s Harvard-educated appointment has helped DeSantis disseminate vaccination scepticism.

DeSantis said Special Olympics International won’t need immunizations for the Orlando games. Ladapo was fined $30 million for utilising COVID passports.

Ladapo said vaccines give 0% protection against sickness right now.

COVID vaccines haven’t stopped the highly transmissible omicron sub-variant. Americans may reject COVID regulations at this stage of the pandemic.

Vaccine critics miss the purpose. As a doctor, Ladapo should say.

According to a March CDC study, fully vaccinated individuals developed COVID during the omicron wave, but the vaccines, especially the booster dose, protected them against mechanical ventilation and death. A May Lancet research showed hospitalisation protection among boosted B.A.1 and B.A.2 omicron sub-variants.

Ladapo should increase as state cases rise.


Instead, he questioned the safety of immunizations, as the CDC and Johns Hopkins University do.

Ladapo said millions had taken these immunizations, so they must be safe.

“The bad effects I’ve heard from people throughout the country after these injections are nothing like my years as a doctor giving flu shots.”

The Herald Editorial Board requested COVID immunisation safety data. Jeremy Redfern sent an intriguing message.

Has the CDC released a comment on flu vaccine-related myocarditis in young men? Why does the CDC suggest COVID-19 vaccination for children?

Rare myocarditis is more frequent in young males. EPA recommends eight weeks between doses.

Florida recommended against vaccinating healthy children in March, defying CDC and AAP recommendations. Redfern questioned if Norway, the UK, and Sweden had vaccine issues the CDC won’t acknowledge.

Why have most countries extended COVID-19 vaccine intervals for children, while the CDC only did for males 12-39? read.

These nations oppose Ladapo’s anti-vaccine position.

The CDC and Florida disagree with Norway’s advice that healthy children and adolescents be vaccinated against COVID. The government advises longer than the CDC’s 3-to-8 weeks between doses. UK doses are 12-weeks.

“COVID-19 vaccines safeguard you and others,” says the U.K. government website.

Florida is like Sweden, which opposes lockdowns. In January, Reuters reported that the country didn’t recommend the vaccine for 5-11-year-olds.

Ladapo may question vaccine safety. COVID-19 science has developed since the outbreak. Early on, the CDC changed mask guidelines.

Ladapo’s inquiries aren’t scientific. Weak. Grandstanding. Unnecessary questioning. Doubt and anxiety result. It uses the same underhanded tactics as Tucker Carlson to oppose vaccines.

Immunizations didn’t kill 1 million Americans, including 74,000 Floridians.

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