Over the last week, 9,459 Dutch citizens tested positive for corona virus. This week’s total was 33% higher. It’s the first weekly rise since March.

Every age group except 12-year-olds had more positive tests. The RIVM says 13-29-year-olds saw the most growth.

Last week’s testing increased by 31%. 13,084 test-takers attended the GGD. Back to mid-May levels.

The basic reproduction (R) score climbed to 0.99, meaning 100 infectious persons on May 19 infected 99 others. When R=1.00, the same number of infections will occur. Higher numbers suggest more infections.

Virus particles in sewage declined 8.7% from the previous week to the final week of May. As May ended, it rose again. Sewage samples should have more Omicron BA.5 and BA.2.12.1 particles. The RIVM stated it’s unknown which Omicron sub-variant will spread quickest and become dominant.

The LCPS said that Dutch hospitals treated 361 Covid-19 victims on Tuesday, 3.5% higher a little over a week earlier. The number of ICU patients grew by two since Tuesday.

340 patients were on normal wards. That’s a ten-per-week rise.

RIVM data revealed a 20% drop in Covid-19 admissions in the previous week. At least 128 individuals were hospitalised, 14 in ICUs. Last week, the RIVM claimed 154 individuals were hospitalised with Covid-19, while final statistics showed 167.

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