According to international news organizations, the first Monkeypox cases were announced on Tuesday by Austria and Norway.

The ill person is 38 years old and lives in Austria, according to the Austrian authorities. The cause of his sickness and whether he had traveled earlier are both being scrutinized.

There are no specifics regarding the recorded infection in Norway.

Over 20 countries have reported monkeypox issues, with over 200 verified infections, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

However, the World Health Organization’s Director for Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness, Sylvia Briand, stated on Friday that there is no need for mass vaccination against the recently discovered Monkeypox at this time.

She called on nations to take immediate action to curb the virus’s spread and share vaccine inventories.

“We believe that if we put in place the appropriate steps now, we should be able to control this rather easily,” Briand said during the agency’s yearly meeting.

In the same scenario, the WHO’s top official stated that in several nations in Western Africa, Monkeypox is a mild viral illness.

It has, however, circulated to many non-epidemic areas of Canada, the United States, and Europe.

“For us, the main goal right now is to contain this epidemic in non-endemic countries,” Briand added.

She added that nations should isolate and detect infected individuals early, as well as exchange information on the available smallpox vaccines and therapies.

“We don’t know precisely how many doses exist in the world, so we advise nations to come and tell us about their stockpiles at WHO.”

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