The Emergency Medical and Health Services of Virgin Islands, along with the Virgin Islands Fire Service and St. Rescue is planning to host a fair for Senior Citizens at Oswald Harris Court from 1-5 p.m, on Saturday. 

Virgin Islands Housing Authority is sponsoring the event. Other agencies including the St. Thomas Rescue will carry out the health checks for the older population, which includes testing for Covid-19, and other information that will help seniors to get through the hurricane season.

The participating senior will receive a card that displays the pulse rate, blood glucose, weight, and O2 levels, which can then be used for emergencies. They will also receive a waterproof document pouch, flashlights, and much more. 

The Community Foundation of Virgin Island funds the St. Thomas rescue and they receive donations from the American Red Cross, Malik James Foundation, Dept. of Tourism, VIFS, and VITEMA. 

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