The increase in circulation and dissemination of the disease is linked to factors including the coming of the southern winter, which has a longer duration in enclosed places, and the abandonment of preventative actions after the conclusion of an emergency.

The former Honorary Scientific Advisory Group member from the viewpoint of healthcare professionals stated that there is now less intensity in testing, which suggests that we are under-diagnosing.”

Julio Medina, a professor of infectious diseases, said that Uruguaywitnessing the third wave of Covid-19. This wave is in addition to the respiratory diseases and flu that are common during colder weather.

Medina said that this new situation will bring obstacles first and then make it difficult to manage emergency care, outpatient services, and unoccupied ICU beds.

The expert advice reinforcing the use of masks in densely packed areas, avoiding areas with poor ventilation as much as possible, and to get vaccinated or get a Covid-19 vaccine’s booster dose as soon as possible.

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