This day marks the third anniversary of the national health program in Cyprus. 

On this day three years ago, the national health programme (Gesy) was introduced in Cyprus, a move that, according to surveys, has unquestionably enhanced the standard of living for ordinary people.

However, medical malpractice persists, as evidenced by the enormous number of unwarranted referrals to other Gesy professionals made by personal doctors.

Health Insurance Organization (HIO), which is in charge of running it, is taking steps to strengthen personal doctors’ operations as well as the referral system in order to better serve patients.

In a written statement issued, the HIO further stated that these include performance requirements tied to the remuneration of personal physicians and that also pertain to their behaviour when it comes to referring patients to specialists. As well as diagnostic testing including X-rays and lab tests.

Referral quality checks are being tightened by the HIO, and any personal doctors found to be flouting the rules may face disciplinary action.

Additionally, standards on age, training and referrals requirements for doctors’ involvement in the system are being drawn up.

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