Montserrat’s Ministry of Health and Social Services reported a total of 23 fresh Covid-19 cases during the past 3 days. Out of which 22 were transmitted locally and 1 was from abroad.

This takes the total of active cases in Montserrat to 53. The May 24 Investigations into the deaths of 2 people discovered that they were Covid-related deaths. The Ministry is all set to give out a press release next week dealing with the Covid-related deaths.

Currently, 103 persons are under self-quarantine. The Ministry urges the public to protect themselves from the severe effect of the virus by taking proper precautions such as washing hands and vaccinating at the right time.

Also, those who see any symptoms of covid should get medical help. They could seek assistance from the Flu Hotline at 496-7437 or 493-4755.

Fear is rampant among the citizens of the country regarding the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This is partly due to a sudden rise in Covid cases in the country. To contain the spread of the virus, the country is planning to impose lockdowns that will shut down public places and schools.

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