Strengthening the protection of the Latvia-Belarus border

Strengthening the protection of the Latvia-Belarus border with increased funding for border guarding, surveillance, and immigration control. Find out how the government is taking steps to prevent illegal immigration and ensure comprehensive border monitoring.

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The government approved the allocation of EUR 967,832 to the Interior ministry on Tuesday, May 31, to cover the costs of boosting the guarding of the Latvia-Belarus border, according to the Interior ministry. 


The money will be used to cover expenses from April 1 to April 30. The State Police will receive EUR 792 888, the City Border Guard will receive EUR 78 948, and the Office of Immigration and Migration Affairs will receive EUR 25 946. (PMLP).The State Police will get EUR 61 894, the State Border Guard will receive EUR 6577, and PMLP will receive EUR 1,579 to compensate for the rise in average earnings caused by the payment of extra labor and surcharges to personnel. 

According to the Ministry of Interior, the State Border Guard expanded the number of sponsorships in border guarding departments to reduce the risks of illegal immigration and to create barriers to the actions of uncontrolled immigration planners, event managers, and performers on the Latvia-Belarus border. A strengthened border surveillance system has been implemented on the Latvian-Russian State border to ensure more extensive control and monitoring of the State border.

Border surveillance was supported by the police in order to prevent unlawful border crossings. The Latvian-Belarus border has been assigned to officers from Riga and regional departments, as well as personnel from the Latgale area administration.

The intensity and scope of work required by the PMLP in the field of Syrian refugees' deliberations, as well as the lodging of asylum seekers, including the providing of the Covid-19 quarantine regime requirements, increased dramatically beginning in August 2021, as a result of the sharp increase in asylum seekers. 

The number of people applying for refugee or alternate status surged dramatically as a result of the situation on the Latvian-Belarus border. On April 30, 2022, the Republic of Latvia was considering the applications of 152 people seeking refugee or alternative status.

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