Zimbabwean health officials are on high alert as the fifth wave of Covid-19 sweeps through South Africa

Zimbabwean health officials remain vigilant as South Africa experiences its fifth wave of Covid-19. Although Zimbabwe itself is not currently experiencing a fifth wave, an increase in reported cases in South Africa often results in a corresponding increase in Zimbabwe. Dr. Agnes Mahomva assures the public that the government is prepared for a potential fifth wave and urges adherence to safety measures such as social distancing, mask-wearing, and vaccination. The country's close proximity to South Africa and the approaching winter season heighten the need for caution. Stay updated and prioritize the health of vulnerable populations.

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The recent rise in new Covid-19 cases is due to an increase in cases reported in South Africa, rather than a fifth wave of infection in Zimbabwe.


"This has previously been the case with epidemic cases. Cases rose slightly this week (compared to the previous week), but fell the previous week. This does not herald the beginning of a new era.

"The increase is due to the rise in reported cases in South Africa, where authorities have confirmed that they are now in the fifth wave," according to the report. It's not really uncommon for cases to increase in Zimbabwe when there is an increase in cases in South Africa. As a result, we're keeping a close eye on trends " explained Dr Agnes Mahomva

In Zimbabwe, the number of daily new infections increased most days of the previous week but fell over the weekend.


Dr. Agnes Mahomva stated that government and its associates had learned from earlier waves and were prepared for a 5th wave.

The Omicron variant, the fastest spreading variant of concern, caused the fourth wave of infections in Zimbabwe in November of last year. If the current trend continues, Zimbabwe's closeness to and connection with South Africa increases the likelihood of an increase in cases.

The approaching winter season may cause a spike in Covid-19 cases. Sub-variants of the Omicron, BA.4, and BA.5 have driven the current wave in SA. As the fifth Covid-19 wave sweeps through South African protocols, health officials are on high alert to avoid a worse wave than the earlier ones.


"We must maintain a social distance, wear masks, and promote vaccination."  We are presently conducting the second blitz in schools and communities, and we support and encourage people to get vaccinated, particularly those with pre-existing conditions and the aged people. If there is another wave, these are the people who will be most vulnerable to severe illness and death "She went on.

Covid-19 reported incidents in schools, she claims, are the result of community infection.

"These statistics are kept in schools because our schools have a solid surveillance system." Remember, these are the same children who will be active in their communities when they are not in school. It's nothing to worry about, but it's enough to keep us on guard." Dr. Mahomva is convinced.

The country reported 56 new cases on Sunday, down from 188 on Friday and 165 on Thursday.In the country, there have been 249 262 confirmed cases, 242 500 recoveries, and 5 483 deaths.

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