With the drop in new cases of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia, recovery rates are on the rise

Recovering from COVID-19: Saudi Arabia sees a rise in recovery rates as new cases decline

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The Saudi Arabian COVID-19 case count dipped below 1,000 on Thursday, after 955 new infections were confirmed in the previous 24 hours. For the first time since February 20, 2022, the number of new COVID cases in Saudi Arabia has surpassed 1,000. In the past, between 500 and 600 new cases of COVID were documented.

According to a statement issued by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health this morning, two more people have died as a result of coronavirus. In Saudi Arabia, there have been 775,205 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with a death toll of 9,165. 

As per the Saudi authorities, 658 people have restored their health and recovered against COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, increasing the total number of people free of the symptoms of the virus to 757,529 people. More than 90% of the preceding incidents were classified as critical. In Saudi Arabia, 66,288,539 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were delivered.

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