Will Germany continue Covid rapid tests for free?

Discover the latest update on Covid-19 rapid tests in Germany. Find out if these tests will remain free and who is eligible. Learn about the extension of the free testing period and when individuals may need to start paying for tests. Plus, get information on PCR testing and self-administered tests. Stay informed on Germany's Covid testing policies.

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Covid-19 antigen testing is free in Germany. Will this service be available indefinitely? What's going on?


Germany's free Covid-19 checks have been available to all since March 2021, with the exception of a few weeks in October, when individuals were required to pay for tests in order to entice unvaccinated persons to get vaccinated.

In Germany, tourists or individuals who live there are entitled to at least one free Bürgertest (although they are available to everyone and not for citizens alone), per week or more depending on the city or region.

The examinations are designed to assist patients to understand their infection status and detect illnesses early on.


They're also used to indicate when individuals may request a PCR test. People in risk categories, such as healthcare workers, can earn a free PCR test if they exhibit symptoms. Others must present a positive antigen test result first.

For certain individuals, presenting negative rapid test certificates was mandatory to gain access to venues while the 3G/2G Covid health pass regulations were in effect, but they have now been discontinued.

Will Covid-19 antigen tests stay free?


The German Health Ministry announced in March that the free tests would continue through May 31. The test offer, on the other hand, has been extended until June 30th.

This implies that individuals may get a free Covid-19 test through testing centers until June 30th, 2022.

From July, individuals will be required to pay for Covid tests. Depending on the testing center and any existing discounts, they can range from about €15 to €50.


German health authorities have indicated that test sites will be asked to stay open at the end of the free-of-charge tests. 

However, as demand decreases, many testing facilities will most likely shut their doors. 

What about PCR testing?


PCR tests, which are considered the most accurate in detecting Covid infections, are covered by health insurance for those who are directed to have one. In Germany, a public health official or a medical doctor typically has to give the approval for a suspected Covid patient to get a free PCR test. They're intended for individuals suffering from Covid-19 symptoms.

People who need PCR testing for personal grounds, such as when transiting, may pay for it at a test facility. Depending on how quickly the customer wants his or her results, they might cost anything from €40 to €150. 

What about self-administered testing with Covid?

At-home tests may be obtained in drugstores, chemists, and supermarkets, throughout Germany. They currently cost between €1.50 and €3 per test. Self-tests frequently sell out during Covid periods, and prices may increase as a result of high demand. 

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