Visitors and travelers in Turkey no longer have to comply with COVID-19 entry requirements

Visit Turkey without COVID-19 entry requirements starting June 1, 2022. No proof of immunization, testing, or quarantine needed. Face masks no longer required except in hospitals. Travel insurance still required. Explore Turkey's rich culture and stunning landscapes with ease.

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Due to a national decrease in COVID-19 cases, Turkey has announced that all COVID-19 entry requirements for foreign tourists will be repealed on June 1, 2022.


Visitors to Turkey will no longer be required to show proof of COVID-19 immunization, will not be subjected to pre-or post-entry COVID testing, and will not be quarantined upon arrival.

The regulations for entering Turkey have essentially reverted to their pre-COVID-19 form. When you enter Turkey, you will discover that the majority of COVID-19 procedures have also expired. Outside of hospitals, Turkey no longer requires the use of face masks, including on public trains, buses, and domestic flights.

Turkey, on the other hand, has not indicated that it will negate the requirement for travel medical insurance. All tourists must still have insurance for the duration of their trip.


This legislation was passed to limit the number of unpaid medical bills left by international patients in Turkish hospitals.

Travel insurance, or travel medical insurance, is an essential component of any trip to Turkey, even if it is not needed. It may enable you to receive treatment for ailments and injuries that arise during your visit while keeping your medical costs under control. 

With Turkey now open to all travelers and free of COVID restrictions, all you need to do is dust off your passport, get the necessary insurance, and prepare to enjoy Europe's and Asia's crossroads.

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