Vaccination against COVID-19 to be pushed in Tanzania by WHO and partners

Get the latest update on the push for COVID-19 vaccination in Tanzania by WHO and partners. Discover how collaboration efforts have led to the distribution of five million vaccine doses in Dar es Salaam. Learn about the third immunization phase and its aim to reach 70% of the eligible population, as well as the strategies being implemented to raise awareness and promote vaccine uptake. Stay informed about the importance of vaccinations in combating the COVID-19 virus and the Tanzanian government's commitment to public health.

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The third and aggressive COVID-19 immunization phase will reestablish vaccine uptake and herd immunity among 70% of Tanzania's eligible population. As a result of collaboration with other partners, including WHO, they have donated around five million doses of the vaccines now being distributed in Dar es Salaam.


At the event, Mainland Health Minister Dr. Zabulon Yoti, WHO Country Representative Shalini Bahuguna, UNICEF Representative, Donald Wright, US Ambassador to Kenya, and senior Ministry of Health and President's Office Regional Administration and Local Government officials were present.

Health Minister Ummy Mwalimu has advised that COVID-19 is still present and that people should continue to monitor their health and take vaccines seriously. 14 percent of Tanzania's adult population has been inoculated since immunizations began in July 2021.

The third phase of demand creation and awareness will take place at subnational levels around the country, according to a broadcast from the Minister of Health, and immunization professionals will travel closer to people. Over four million Tanzanians are expected to get immunized as part of the most current immunization program, which will cover all 36 zones of the country. 


Door-to-door enlightenment would be one of the techniques used to build a lot of interest in and promote awareness of the campaign. The Honorable Ummy Mwalimu underlined the importance of educating the population about the vaccine's benefits, especially those who had missed their second dose, the elderly, those with disabilities, and those living in underprivileged areas.

Dr. Zabulon Yoti, acting WHO Country Representative for Tanzania, addressed the event and reaffirmed the organization's commitment to building partnerships and aiding the Tanzanian government in developing a health system capable of responding quickly to health emergencies. 

He complimented Global Vax for its participation in the new, more active campaign and stressed the necessity of vaccinations as a critical COVID-19 countermeasure. It has been suggested that events like the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair and others be leveraged to bring vaccines closer to people.

Tanzania has seen several WHO initiatives implemented since the year 2000, including coordinating partner support, developing national and regional action plans, and establishing core competencies in laboratory testing, case management, surveillance, risk communication, and local community involvement. Dr. Yoti lauded Tanzania's government for its unwavering support for vaccinations and commitment to the global fight against the COVID-19 virus.

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