Uruguay authorities update travel restrictions 

Stay updated on the latest travel restrictions in Uruguay. Learn about the mask mandates, testing requirements, and other guidelines for entry into the country. Stay informed and travel safely.

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Uruguayan authorities are updating Covid restrictions relating to entry into the country as of June 17. The mask mandate which was lifted on April 4 was reintroduced for those people suffering from respiratory infections, medical professionals, and everyone who enters a health clinic. 


Local Measures

In addition to the aforementioned masking requirements, authorities strongly advise wearing masks while using public transportation. Businesses are also required to strictly follow the health regulations. 

International Travel guidelines


An affidavit regarding the vaccination status and health must be filled out 48 hours before departure. Health insurance is a must for all foreign travellers. Testing requirements are relaxed for those who are already vaccinated at least 9 months before departing from Uruguay. Negative RT-PCR before 72 hours is a must for those who are not completely vaccinated before entering the country.

Those who have a positive RT-PCR test taken not more than 90 days or less than 10 days need not undergo the additional tests. Authorities have complete discretion to change, vary or modify these conditions depending on the local conditions. 

All travellers are also requested to follow the safety guidelines and be on the lookout for updated guidelines. 

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