TT tourists are the "probable cause" of a quadrupling in the number of Covid cases in the Isle of Man

Discover the probable cause behind the quadrupling of Covid cases in the Isle of Man as authorities point to TT tourists as the main source. Learn more about the surge in infections and its impact on public health.

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According to statements made by authorities in charge of public health on the Isle of Man, a "huge inflow of people" visiting the island for the TT or Tourist Trophy races is the most probable cause of a fourfold increase in the number of cases of the Covid-19 virus.

In the last week, the seven-day moving average for the number of daily new cases shot up from 21 to 81, according to the results of several tests. The increase was seen across all age categories, ranging from 19 to 80 years old.

According to a study on public health monitoring for the week ending June 12th, the current surge in coronavirus infections is most likely the "early impacts" of individuals mingling at the event and over recent bank holidays.

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