Tourists on Japan's package tour trial tests positive for COVID-19

A tourist on Japan's package tour trial tests positive for COVID-19, leading to cancellation of the tour. Read more about the measures taken by the travel agency and authorities in response to the situation.

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A foreign traveller on a package tour trial in Oita Prefecture tested positive for coronavirus, the tourism office announced Monday.


Kyodo News reports that the Thai tourists were tested after one complained of a sore throat. Cancelled tour.

The person, who has no fever, will be quarantined in a converted COVID-19 facility. The travel agency hosting the tour is working with authorities.

The three close acquaintances are currently isolated at a separate hotel. Negative antigen test, no symptoms.

Japan aims to reopen its borders to guide international tourists on June 10 after more than two years. Last week's trial of package trips began accepting foreign travellers.

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