Third coronavirus cluster emerges in heart of Hong Kong’s nightlife district, as officials warn residents against trying to cheat vaccine pass rules

18 individuals linked to a new coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong's nightlife district. Some individuals suspected of providing false vaccine pass results, with three taken into custody. Authorities warn against using fraudulent information to cheat the vaccine pass system, risking jail time. Increased checks implemented at pubs, restaurants, and venues, with penalties for intentionally giving false information.

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According to health officials, 18 individuals have been linked to a new outbreak that has been connected to the Pottinger Street, Central, Linq bar. One of those people went to a location where another outbreak had occurred previously.


Six people have had their cases referred to the police because they are suspected of providing false results. Three people have been taken into custody so far by police.

Informed residents were cautioned against using false information to circumvent the vaccine pass system, which could result in jail time.

Before the long holiday weekend, authorities increased checks at pubs, restaurants, and other venues covered by the plan, which required residents to present proof of triple vaccination unless they qualified for an exemption. According to reports, health officials submitted six cases of persons allegedly supplying fraudulent information to circumvent immunization permit regulations to the police.

Dr. Chuang Shuk-kwan, head of the Center for Health Protection's communicable disease branch, reiterated that anyone who intentionally gives false information will be punished by jail and fine.

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