These are the Covid rules in Austria and Vienna as of June 2022

Discover the latest Covid rules in Austria and Vienna as of June 2022. Learn about the relaxed restrictions, mask requirements, and rules for events, healthcare, and quarantine. Stay informed and stay safe in Austria during the ongoing pandemic.

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Another month means a new round of measures. Everything you need to know about Austria's most recent coronavirus restrictions is right here.


Austria is about to enter its third wave of coronavirus this summer, however this time with far fewer restrictions thanks to a Federal Government relaxation of the Covid regulations.

Austrians will be able to enjoy occasions such as the Pride Parade (Regenbodenparade) and the Danube Island Festival (Donauinselfest) as they did prior to 2020 for the first time.

However, there's a few ground rules to follow, especially when it comes to masks.


There are some distinctions between Vienna and the other part of the country, with Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPO) adhering to the "Viennese way" and imposing few restrictions, like the mandatory masks in public transportation.

Masks must be worn

For another 3 months (June, July, and August), masks are not required in most Austrian stores or on public transportation.


As per the government, FFP2 masks are still required in "vulnerable" settings. Hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare are examples of these.

The Ministry Of health also explained that if the number of cases increased, which is likely in the autumn, additional restrictions shall be imposed.

In Vienna, the wearing of masks is subject to additional restrictions. In the capital, they are required in drug stores, medical services, and public transportation (including stations).


Gastronomy, culture, and entertainment

There really aren't any any restrictions or rules governing participation. However, in Vienna, any event with 500 or more attendees is required to include a COVID "prevention concept."

Hospitals and medical treatment


In addition to wearing FFP2 masks throughout the country, visitors to Vienna must also undergo PCR testing. There are, however, no longer any visitor restrictions.

Primary and secondary education Mandatory tests are no longer required  in schools. Visitors to Vienna kindergartens must, however, wear FFP2 face mask (unless they are teachers or students).



A positive test in Vienna results in a 10-day quarantine. It will automatically terminate if the individual has not displayed any symptoms in the previous 48 hours. Self  test for free after five days should be done if the PCR test is negative or the CT value is greater than 30.

People who have tested positive but had mild symptoms of the illness and had no symptoms for 48 hours in the rest of Austria can release quarantine on the fifth day.

If the test is negative, they are not restricted. If they don't get tested or have a CT value of 30 or less, they are placed in "traffic restriction" and will be required to wear a mask for the next 5 days while attending events or eating out.


Vaccination is required

The compulsory vaccination law in Austria, which would have allowed authorities to fine unvaccinated people, has been postponed until at least August.

The most recent Covid-19 data

On Tuesday, May 31st, Austria saw 1,903 new coronavirus cases based on 84,976 tests. There are 475 Covid-19 patients in hospitals right now, with 43 in ICU.

Since the outbreak began, Covid-19 has killed 18,652 persons in Austria. Approximately 65.3 percent of the population now has a vaccination pass that includes at two coronavirus vaccines or more. 

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