There’s a Reason Kim Jong-un Wants Us to Know About North Korea’s Covid Outbreak

Learn about the shocking outbreak of Covid-19 in North Korea, a country that previously rejected vaccines. With millions of cases and a state of emergency, the situation is dire for a vulnerable population. Explore why Kim Jong-un's decision to acknowledge the outbreak may be a strategic move to re-engage with the world. Uncover the consequences of North Korea's isolation and its growing nuclear arsenal. Discover the alarming reality of this unpredictable nation.

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Even though it has been more than two years since North Korea was able to keep Covid out, the country continues to reject vaccines, claiming that they are unnecessary. That all changed a month ago.


North Korea's state-run media reported that a "explosive" fever was spreading across the country. The entire country went into a state of emergency. With dozens of deaths, there have been more than four million cases reported.

It's a terrifying thought for a population of 25 million people who aren't protected by vaccines and are malnourished. North Korea, on the other hand, has a tendency not to let bad news gets away. It is possible that Kim Jong un's-decision to acknowledge a viral outbreak is part of a strategy to re-engage with the outside world. Everybody else needs to step up and take part.

Even by North Korean hermetic standards, Mr. Kim has been isolated since his nuclear negotiations with President Donald Trump in 2019 collapsed, shortly followed by the global spread of Covid. Those who live there have been left devastated by this. Aside from endangering peace and security on the peninsula, he has also been consolidating his power and increasing his nuclear arsenal in the interim.

According to the latest estimates, North Korea now has dozens of nuclear weapons and appears ready for its seventh nuclear test. Many of the missiles it has tested this year have violated resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council. Most recently, a suspected intercontinental ballistic missile was launched that was aimed at the United States.

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