The UNWTO and WHO will form an alliance of health and tourism partners

The UNWTO and WHO team up to enhance health and tourism alliance in Europe's smallest nations. Learn how the pandemic has underscored the need for sustainable tourism and improved health systems. Read about the "Montenegro Statement" and the formation of a coalition of health and tourism partners.

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The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the WHO/Europe -WHO Regional Office for Europe are collaborating to improve the relations between tourism and health in Europe's smallest nations.


The pandemic of COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of an improved economic and health system sustainability and resilience. Recognizing the significance of learning from the crisis, the two UN agencies will expand and strengthen their working. UNWTO presented the case for promoting health and sustainable tourism in small countries, at the 8th high-level conference of the WHO/Europe Small Countries Initiative (SCI) in Beii, Montenegro.

"COVID-19 demonstrated that any crisis that endangers the health, security and safety of people, communities, and nature also endangers tourism," said UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili. "I feel confident that strong collaboration at all levels will propel health to the top of the tourism agenda."

Statement on Health and Tourism in Montenegro


The event focused on 2 issues faced by small countries: 

  1. emergencies ( health system preparedness, long-term prevention, response, and recovery)
  2. Developing sustainable and healthy tourism

The meeting saw the the unanimous adoption of the "Montenegro Statement."

The "Montenegro Statement" acknowledges that in a globalised world, tourism and health are inextricably linked, and that reopening tourism is critical for economic recovery, work, and livelihoods in small countries. It emphasises the importance of cooperation and collaboration, and welcomes the formation of a coalition of health and tourism partners to develop policy measures and facilitate country dialogue.

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