The UAE records 1,031 new COVID-19 cases, 712 recoveries, and no deaths

Stay updated on the COVID-19 situation in the UAE with 1,031 new cases, 712 recoveries, and no deaths. Take necessary precautions and help protect the safety of others.

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The United Arab Emirates reported 1,031 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, raising the overall number of cases to 913,984. The COVID-19 virus has claimed the lives of 2305 people in the United Arab Emirates (UAE); 712 people have recovered completely, bringing the total number of people who have recovered completely to 896,448.

 Even though 286,851 PCR tests were conducted simultaneously across the country in just twenty-four hours, new diseases were discovered.

The Ministry of Health expressed gratitude to individuals in charge of public health for their continuous assistance, wished those who were ill a swift recovery, and urged members of the public to do everything possible to protect the safety of others.

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