The New Zealand Government has decided to remove the COVID-19 test mandate prior to travel

The New Zealand Government removes COVID-19 test mandate for travellers entering the country. Find out the latest travel requirements and testing procedures upon arrival. Vaccination and visa regulations still apply.

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As it came into effect from yesterday, any traveller entering New Zealand will not be required to have a COVID-19 test done prior to flying. 


Also, a traveller will not be required to fill in the Traveller Declaration Form for New Zealand.  People who have not had any vaccinations are now permitted to travel through New Zealand.

At this time, travellers are still obliged to take a test upon their arrival and on the first day of their journey as well as on the 5th or 6th days after their arrival. If they get a positive result during either of the tests, they have to go through another round of testing called PCR to be sure the results are accurate.

There are currently two ways for travellers who display symptoms of COVID-19 while travelling to demonstrate that they do not have the virus. They may either produce a negative PCR test result or else a certificate from a medical practitioner that explains why it is highly improbable that they have the virus.

Visitors visiting New Zealand are needed to get a traveller visa, be completely immunized against COVID-19, and comply with all post-arrival testing procedures. In addition, travellers are required to have a complete COVID-19 vaccination.


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