The month of June began with elevated Covid-19 indications.

Discover the latest Covid-19 trends in the country during the month of June, including a surge in cases, hospitalizations, and positivity rates. Stay informed on the evolving situation.

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The very first 2 days of June's evidence suggests a pattern of rising virus signals in the country, with a surge in cases, positive, and hospitalizations, similar to what happened last year at this time when a virus was detected. It reached a significant apex in 2020, with a quick expansion.


The country recorded 1,041 new confirmed samples in the first 2 days of the month, and those hospitalised climbed from 60 in standard beds to 87 in the past 24 hours, with a little decrease in intensive care, from 12 recorded the day before to 10.

The state recorded 483 new positive cases yesterday, with a daily positivity rate of 11.86 percent and a four-week positivity rate of 4.83 percent, as well as 87 hospitalised patients, 27 higher today than yesterday.

The epidemiologic weekly 805, which gathers data from June 1, recorded 558 new cases, a positive rate of 10.54 percent and 4.54 percent, respectively, and 60 people in ordinary beds the week before.

The country also faced a delicate scenario in the opening days of June 2021, with a surge in Covid-19 instances and fatalities, with up to 31 confirmed deaths in 2 days and a rise in hospitalised patients in critical circumstances.

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