The Marshall Islands' fortitude amid difficult circumstances

Celebrating resilience in challenging times, the Marshall Islands demonstrate courage and determination on their 43rd national Constitution Day. While the theme of "courageous in difficult times" is reflected in speeches and conversations, the country maintains low COVID-19 cases and anticipates possible border reopening. President Kabua emphasizes the importance of healthcare improvements and readiness. Experience the fortitude of the Marshall Islands amidst adversity.

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Majuro—The Marshall Islands celebrated their 43rd national Constitution Day with the customary celebrations, attempting to pot down the looming darkness.


A parade, music, games, speeches, and a canoe race were all part of the festivities. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, except that the party was themed "lujaron," the Marshallese term for "courageous in difficult times." During the day, the subject of this year was mirrored in speeches and conversations.

As of May 23, there were 17 border cases, zero fatalities, and zero community transmissions in the Marshall Islands, according to President David Kabua. Within country with a populace of about 60,000 people, a total of 64,048 vaccination doses had been provided.

The administration has yet to make an official declaration regarding its intentions, although there is anticipation that the country's borders could reopen shortly.

The Marshallese may anticipate more rigorous testing and modifications at their jobs to help curb the spread in the community, but specifics about the resumption plans are scant. "We need to start thinking about how we're going to manage the virus when it gets to our neighbourhood," the official added. "That's unavoidable that it will happen."

In his remarks, Kabua emphasised the need of repairing and developing Majuro and Ebeye hospitals, as well as stockpiling medical supplies at the hospitals to reduce patient diversion to offshore clinics.

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