The COVID-19 brigade is praised by KPS leadership

Discover the crucial role played by the COVID-19 brigade in Suriname as they collaborate with various partners, including the police force, prison guards, army personnel, and more, to effectively implement COVID-19 measures. Find out how their joint efforts continue to expand into other areas beyond the pandemic response.

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The administrators of the Suriname Police Corps thanked the Corps of Penitentiary Officers, Labor Inspectorate the National Army and the Economic Control Service on Tuesday, June 14th.


According to the Surinamese police, these partners have made a significant contribution to the execution of the COVID-19 measures via the COVID-19 brigade.

The representatives of these chain partners present expressed their delight in their joint collaboration and said that it will continue in other areas as well.

On March 8, 2021, the COVID-19 Brigade, officially the COVID-19 coordination team of the Suriname Police Force (CCT-KPS), was established to implement the measures during the Suriname corona crisis.

It is made up of police officers, prison guards, army personnel,  the Economic Control Service, the BOG, the Labor Inspectoratethe , and the Administrative Service. Previously, the duty of law enforcement consisted of routine police activity.

The installation was finished by Justice and Police Minister Kenneth Amoksi turning over 10 cars to Chief Constable Roberto Parade, who subsequently made the vehicles accessible to CCT-KPS Commissioner Henry Seedorf.

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