Taking priority US Assistance And protection to the British Caribbean in the Face of Murders, Arms Trafficking, and Crime syndicates

US Assistance and Protection: Addressing Murders, Arms Trafficking, and Crime Syndicates in the British Caribbean Discover how Vice President Kamala Harris reaffirmed the United States' commitment to the British Caribbean, with an annual conference aimed at improving the economy, addressing environmental issues, and enhancing safety. Learn about the increased aid through the Caribbean Border Proactively Address program, focused on combating gun trafficking, strengthening maritime safety, and supporting police and training initiatives. Explore the background of this program, and understand the urgency of addressing violent crime in the Anglophone Caribbean amidst the challenges brought by the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Vice President Kamala Harris of the U. S. met virtually with 15 Caribbean officials on April 29, 2022, to reaffirm the US' support to the area.


<1> Vice President Harris declared that the United States will have annual conference to maintain high-level talks and "promote collaboration on improving economy, the environmental issue, and safety, among many other areas of common interest."

<2> Many Caribbean leaders applauded the revelation that the US will increase aid through the Caribbean Border Proactively Address (CBSI) with fresh funds "to fight guns trafficking, strengthen maritime safety, and support the police as well as other training."

Former President Barack Obama introduced the CBSI during in the Fifth Summit of the América in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, in April 2009. The programme was formally established in May 2010 by the United States, CARICOM countries, and the Dominican Republic.

High rates of violent crime, especially homicides committed with guns, continue to affect the Anglophone Caribbean. The situation is going to get much worse 2022, as the Coronavirus pandemic has robbed many people of their socioeconomic chances.

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