SPARK to support Somalia's economy to recuperate from COVID-19 

Supporting Somalia's Economic Recovery from COVID-19: SPARK Collaborates with ISDB and ISFD to Provide Jobs and Opportunities for Youth and Women

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In recent years Somalia has struggled against climate, and disease eruptions. Up to twenty percent of Somalia population Somaliland's may be directly or indirectly affected by COVID-19. According to officials, 49% of Somalia/15-to-64-year-olds Somaliland's are unemployed.


"The Tadamon project is the result of a long partnership among SPARK and ISDB," said Mourad Hentati, SPARK's North Africa Regional Program Director. "It's a timely project to address the covid-19 pandemic in the country. This is a good chance for SPARK to restart on its work in Somalia/Somaliland and help youth and women find jobs and economic opportunities. With a strong network of partners on the ground, Bina Incubator and Zamzam, TADAMON aims to provide the best possible services to equip young people with the skills and capacities to moderate the covid-19 shock and to restart their economic work so as to guarantee a respectable environment. So as to thrive in the challenging social and economic environment. Further to have better health services in their communities.

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) together with the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD) has united with SPARK, an NGO, to support the organizations concerned by COVID-19. The 'Tadamon' programme helps combat the negative effects of COVID-19 on Somalia/economy. Somaliland's

90 healthcare workforces will be given short occupational courses on emergencies and COVID-19.

Women and other vulnerable groups will have access to vocational degrees and skills training in labour market-relevant sectors. SPARK expects 500 youth (half women) to gain sustainable employment and 90 entrepreneurs to start MSMEs or home-based businesses.

The one-year programme will be implemented in partnership with local non-profits, the private and multinational investors to work that focuses on decent jobs and economic growth.

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