Spain has supplied Covid-19 vaccinations to Guatemala

Spain Supplies Covid-19 Vaccinations to Guatemala: Over 349,000 doses of Pfizer vaccinations arrived in Guatemala today as part of Spain's donation to the COVAX system. This collaboration aims to increase vaccine availability and protect more Guatemalans from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Spanish government provided 349,830 doses of COVID-19 vaccinations to Guatemala today under the COVAX system, a global campaign for vaccine availability.


The Pfizer vaccinations arrived in Guatemala by flight this morning, where they were met by officials from the Ministry of Health And population and Government Agencies (MSPAS), the PAHO/WHO office in Guatemala, and the Spanish Embassy.

This shipment is part of a total donation of 858,630 units from Spain, which will actually shield more Guatemalans from COVID-19.

Through the COVAX Mechanism, PAHO's Revolving Fund (RF) and representative in Guatemala collaborate with the Spanish and Guatemalan authorities to ensure that vaccinations arrive quickly and safely.


In a broadcast interview on Tuesday, Minister of Healthcare Francisco Coma said that shipments scheduled through the COVAX worldwide network will allow the government to provide as per demand.

Following the end of nearly 8 million vaccines against Covid-19, the stockpile of shelf-stable immunizers is low.

In addition to the vaccinations currently delivered in health facilities, the contribution from Spain brings the total number of vaccines accessible to a little over 749,000.


Guatemala has not been able to protect half of its people because vaccination has stalled or stopped in some locations, especially in rural areas.

Guatemalan officials blame anti-vaccine organizations for spreading misinformation and ensuring vaccination rejection.

Opposition lawmakers and health experts, on their part, blasted the government for errors in the process of distributing vaccines to vaccination facilities, as well as exploitable weaknesses in the communications management plan.

Guatemala has 6.2 million people on a 2-dose regimen, which is 42 percent more than the target.

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