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Stay updated on the latest Covid-19 health updates in Sierra Leone. Find out how the Global Partnership for Education and NGO Consortiums are raising awareness and implementing strategies to protect students and communities. Read testimonials from educators, parents, and students about the impact of these efforts.

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Sierra Leone: For Raising Awareness of COVID-19 in the Educational System GPE-NGO Consortium The Concord Times has praised it.


pills, The Global Partnership for Education (GPE), and the Consortium of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) led by Save the Children International (SCI) have been praised by educators, parents, and community leaders in all four districts of Sierra Leone for their efforts to raise massive and successful awareness of Covid-19 in their schools. International, Concern Worldwide, Handicap International, Plan International, Focus 1000, FoRUT, and Street Child are some of the other organizations that are part of the seven NGO Consortiums.

MBSSE established an innovative partnership with a consortium of seven international and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with support from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) through the World Bank in order to implement some components of the Covid-19 Education Emergency Response across Sierra Leone.

The initiative was carried out in each of the sixteen districts, with a total of 101,336 participants (54,556 females and 46,780 males) spread among more than 500 primary and junior secondary schools. The initiative was intended to assist the MBSSE in addressing strategic communications, increasing continuous distant education service delivery of basic education, and assuring safe reopening, as well as health and safety concerns for students, particularly the most vulnerable among them.


Prior to the Global Partnership for Education project, Mabinty Abdul Manaf Conte, a Class Three Teacher at the Sierra Leone Muslim Brotherhood Mangeh Bureh in the Portoloko District, said that they were almost completely ignorant about the rules and regulations that help protect people from coming into contact with the Covid-19 virus. Conte is a volunteer for the Global Partnership for Education.

"We learned about social distance, correct handwashing practice, how to cough and sneeze when in public areas, and how to properly maintain proper hygiene via the GPE project that was done in our school by Save the Children International and Plan International. Prior to the commencement of the initiative, not a single social distance regulation was ever enforced in any of our educational institutions "— I quote her.

Alhaji I. Krgbo, a ten-year-old student in class four at SLMB, Mange, stated that posters and wall bins that were pasted all over the school compound helped him learn everything there is to know about the COVID-19 outbreak, including the social distancing rules, the use of face masks, and the importance of handwashing. He said that he learned about the virus and the condition via the solar radio that had been given to him by GPE. He said that this was his primary source of information.


"I also use the suggestion box to write and complain about teachers treating me poorly and posters at my school teach me more about coronavirus and its prevention," Kargbo added. "I use the suggestion box to write and complain about instructors treating me terribly."

10 years Mabinty Kanu of the same school, Teacher Maju Bah, and caregiver, Kadiatu Sesay, amongst others, indicated that they did not become educated about Covid-19 until after the initiative was implemented in the school. Others stated that this was also their experience. They claimed that the initiative will have an effect not just on the schools but also on the community. Kadiatu Sesay has said that they hope that work on this project would proceed.

Gibraltar Kamara, the Chairman of the School Management Committee (SMC) at the Sierra Leone Islamic Federation Primary School at Masorie Baimba - Masiaka, stated that the project raised sufficient awareness on Covid-19 through the distribution of wall bins and solar radios to children not only in the school, among teachers, but also in a number of communities that are located close to the school. Concerning their level of knowledge of the COVID-19 epidemic, the majority of the community's educators, parents, and students had a similar viewpoint.


Elizabeth Mawendeh, the headteacher of United Brethren in Christ (UBC) Jusu Memorial Primary School in Bo, expressed gratitude to GPE for the organization's assistance, particularly with regard to the effort to raise awareness about Covid 19. As a result of the fact that "we were given with veronica buckets, hand sanitizers, face masks, and posters to educate kids, teachers, and the whole community about the illness," the phrase "we are genuinely wishing for the continuation of this initiative,"

Teachers, pupils, and community stakeholders, among others, in Bo District Education Committee Primary School in Mano Jaiama Chiefdom, Roman Catholic Primary School, Pahala, NIM Primary School in Pujehun, Roman Catholic Primary School Panguma, and Services Primary School in Kenema all thanked GPE for their astute and proactive role in training volunteers that conducted covid-19 house to house sanitization, supply of face masks, veronica buckets, and face masks, and radio.

Everyone who was interviewed voiced their satisfaction with the GPE initiative and their hope that it would continue.

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