Seychelles among the two African nations topping disbursement of COVID-19 vaccinations

Seychelles and Mauritius lead COVID-19 vaccination efforts in Africa, achieving full vaccination of 70% of their populations. Learn more about their success and the rising cases in East and North Africa.

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Seychelles and Mauritius are the only two African countries to have achieved the goal of achieving full vaccination of 70% of their population. Rwanda should be able to accomplish this by the end of the month. 


In a notice released on June 16, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated as much. According to data collected this month from 31 African countries, about half of healthcare personnel and people over the age of sixty are fully vaccinated.

Only 33% of the total healthcare workers and 10% of the elderly were inoculated as of the end of December, despite the WHO's recommendation that vaccination covers 90% of nursing staff and 80% of people over 60. Seychelles as well as Mauritius, have also met these goals at this level. 

According to the WHO, the number of COVID-19 infections is currently on the rise, owing to a resurgence across East and North Africa.

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