Saudi Arabia lifts all precautionary measures related to COVID-19

Saudi Arabia lifts all precautionary measures related to COVID-19, including the requirement to wear face masks indoors. Vaccination proof on the Tawakalna application is no longer necessary for entry into facilities or public transportation. The Kingdom's progress in immunization and epidemiological indices has led to this decision. Find out more about the new protocols and guidelines implemented.

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The Saudi Press Agency reported that the Saudi Arabian government announced a relaxation of its precautionary as well as preventive measures in order to fight COVID-19. Based on the Kingdom's continuous progress in all epidemiological indices, and the high level of immunization that gives the community immunity, the Saudi Ministry of Interior decided to make the move.


In all places but the Grand Mosque, the Prophet's Mosque, and other places, there will be no requirement to wear a face mask indoors. For these places and for facilities, activities, events, and public transit that wish to implement higher levels of protection, the Public Health Authority issued protocols.

The proof of vaccination on the Tawakalna application is no longer necessary to enter facilities, participate in activities, attend events, board planes, or utilize public transportation, with the exception of those whose nature requires immunization.

Saudi citizens intending to leave Saudi Arabia will be required to accept and take a third booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine after eight months instead of three months, except for those in age brackets defined by the Ministry of Health.

The overall number of cases of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia has now risen to 778,983, with 9,318 active cases, many of which are asymptomatic and in good health, and 760,490 total recovery cases, while 9 175 patients have died.

The Kingdom declared in early March that most restrictions and constraints to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will no longer be required, including social distancing in public areas and quarantine for inoculated arrivals. This allows pilgrims from outside the Saudi Kingdom to arrive this year for Hajj and other purposes. 

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