Saint Pierre et Miquelon - New COVID Entry Protocols Announced For Travelers

Discover the new COVID entry protocols for travelers visiting Saint Pierre et Miquelon. Proof of vaccination with two doses and a booster is required, with exceptions only for valid reasons for travel. Read more about the specific requirements for different vaccines and age groups.

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Due to the global rise in COVID-19 cases again, the French island of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon has introduced new rules for entry into the area. The travelers need to have proof that they’ve received two doses along with a booster. Exceptions will only be made for those that have valid reasons for traveling to the country. 

Carrying a complete vaccination schedule implies having Moderna, Pfizer on AstraZeneca doses which have been authorized by the official health agencies. For those traveling from mainland France to the island, the certificate needs to show 2 doses and a booster especially for those 18 years and over. Alternatively a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before the trip or a 48 hour antigen test can also be shown.

The travelers coming from Canada require to show 2 doses. While those that have taken Janssen vaccine can show a single dose and a booster dose of RNA taken seven days after the vaccine. Those under the age of 12 years and if vaccinated or partially or not, do not need to show proof if accompanied by a completely vaccinated adult.

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