S. Korea reports 17,191 new COVID-19 infections on Tuesday

South Korea reports 17,191 new COVID-19 infections on Tuesday. Fatalities and critical cases also recorded. Community treatment centers and screening clinics to close due to declining cases. Only one residential center for international patients remains open.

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On Tuesday, South Korea announced 17,191 new COVID-19 infections.


As a result of more persons getting tested following the weekend, this number is approximately three times higher than the one that was published the day before.

There were 9 fatalities and 180 individuals who were in critical condition as a result of this.

In addition, as of Wednesday, the majority of community treatment centres and temporary screening clinics would no longer be open for business.

Only one of the residential treatment centres that are specifically designed for incoming international patients will remain operating.

The decision was taken by the health authorities based on the decreasing number of virus cases across the country.

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